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Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing includes any type of marketing that doesn’t exist online. That means print, newscast, direct mail, telephone, and outside promotion. From journals to the radio, this purpose of marketing helps communicate the targeted public.
Print marketing is the most beloved form of traditional marketing. Loosely described as an advertisement in paper form, these tactics have been in use since biblical times, when Egyptians created sales news and wall banners on papyrus. Today, print marketing usually refers to advertisement space in journals, magazines, newsletters, and other published substances designed for distribution.
Finally, phone marketing, or telemarketing, is the method of delivering sales information over the telephone to convert consumers to buy a product or service. This form of marketing has become somewhat controversial in the present age, with many telemarketers using forceful sales tactics. The U.S. federal government has established strict laws governing the value of telemarketing to oppose some of these methods.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is using the advantage of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other ways to reach customers. Some marketing specialists analyze digital marketing to be a unique new industry that needs a new way of progressing consumers and new ways of learning how consumers work connected to traditional marketing.

Different between Both of Them

1. Digital marketing is the advantage of the Internet to reach customers.
2. Digital marketing is a wide field, including interesting consumers via email, content marketing, search programs, social media, and many more.

Way to explore Virtual marketing:

Website Marketing

A website is the centerpiece of all digital marketing ventures. Alone, it is a very strong domain, but it’s also the means demanded to complete a mixture of online marketing campaigns. A website should design a brand, goods, and service in a clear and remarkable way. It should be secure, mobile-friendly, and easy to manage.

Content Marketing
The purpose of content marketing is to communicate potential customers through the use of content. Content is normally published on a website and then served through social media, email marketing, SEO. The tools of content marketing cover blogs, ebooks, online courses, infographics, podcasts.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is still one of the most powerful digital marketing ways. Many people mix email marketing with spam email messages, but that’s not what email marketing is only about. Email marketing is the purpose to get in touch with your possible clients or the people engaged in your brand. Many digital marketers manage all other digital marketing platforms to add contacts to their email lists and then, through email marketing, they build consumer purchase funnels to convert those points into customers.
Social Media Marketing

The first goal of a social media marketing campaign is brand awareness and building social security. As you go more distant into social media marketing, you can apply it to get contacts or even as a straightforward sales way.

Traditional marketing Strategy:

Direct Mail:

Direct-mail marketing generates awareness of an outcome through postcards, brochures, notes, and flyers sent through the mail. It is called a targeted type of marketing plan because the data is sent to a particular target market. However, direct-mail marketing can be costly as a company provokes design and printing prices as well as postage costs to transfer its target.

Print marketing:

It covers advertising goods and services through publications and journals. Print marketing is both a mass-marketing and niche-marketing approach. As a mass-marketing strategy, published advertisements reach different categories of people, who might or might not have an interest in the goods. In magazines, print marketing leads out to the niche market that delivers the magazine, such as gentlewomen, authors, teens, or vehicle lovers, etc.

Broadcast marketing:

T.V and radio are popular promenades still generally used. Broadcast marketing strikes a huge audience within a short period of time. T.V advertisements also bring authenticity and reality to a product as people can see how the goods work. However, broadcast messages have a shorter lifespan related to printed messages. Additionally, marketing through T.V and radio is more expensive, compared with other methods of traditional marketing.

So we can say that digital marketing is more effective and less cheap than traditional marketing.
Digital marketing is a growing industry but Traditional marketing is now quite saturated.

What Should You Do?

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