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The process of creating a website is called “web designing”. It includes many things including web page, layout, content production and graphic design. It can also be called web development process. Under this, factors such as user interface and other visual imagery are taken care of to make the website attractive and easy to use. As the best website designing company in Noida, we use many software tools and language to build a website.

The website is created by a markup language called HTML. Its Html tag plays an important role in creating the structure of a website. CSS is used to design the format of the element layout within the web-page. 

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Creative design with the perfect texture that creates impressive textures and presentation.
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Experience award-winning web design from us when we were the industry's most employees
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We offer These Types of Websites

Static Website
A static website consists of web pages with definite content. Each page is coded in HTML and displays the same information for each Visitor. Static sites are the most basic type of website and the easiest to create. A static site can be created by creating some HTML pages and publishing them to a web server. Since static web pages have fixed code, the content of each page does not change until it is manually updated by the webmaster.

This works well for small websites, but it can make it difficult to maintain large sites with hundreds or thousands of pages. Therefore, large websites typically use dynamic pages, which can only be updated by modifying database records.

Many pages with static sites are often designed using templates. This makes it possible to update multiple pages at once, and also helps to provide a Consistent layout across the site.

The basic focal points of utilizing a Static Website Designing are:

Quick creating time, Highly Economical, Easy to decode and understand about the business products/services, Simple Technology with much Flamboyance as associated with glaring loud sites.

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Dynamic Website

Dynamic Website on the Internet is that which is very effective and full of functions on the Internet. Within Dynamic Website, anything can be updated at any time. Dynamic Website is not created in any normal level web language but in other high-level web languages ​​such as PHP. NET, JAVASCRIPT, etc.

Creating a Dynamic Website is quite a difficult task, in order to make it, one has to have knowledge of standard web language and at the same time, it takes a lot of time and expense to make a Dynamic Website. In Dynamic Website you will find a lot of types of animation.i.e. lots of effects as well as technical activity, so Dynamic, and Digital Notebook is one of the best website designing company in Noida.

Today it is not a big deal to make Dynamic Website because there is enough CMS (Content Management System) Tool to make Dynamic Website in the market.

E - Commerce Website

A scalable convenient way to provide excellent marketing opportunities for Business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C)

Electronic commerce is a way of doing business on large electronic networks such as the Internet. The purchase or sale of goods or services under e-commerce is through electronic systems such as the Internet. E-commerce is widely considered to be the buying and selling of products on the Internet.

In this way, the sale and purchase of services and goods through the Internet is called e-commerce. It involves electronically transferring data or money between two or more parties.  Currently e-commerce is one of the most important aspects of the Internet. Ecommerce allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services with no constraints of time or distance. Buying and selling goods on the Internet is one of the most popular examples of ecommerce. It started in the 1960s.

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Custom Website Design

Custom website composition is significantly more than the shading plan, pictures, and textual styles of your site A custom website architecture is the way toward learning and comprehension about your business, and applying a sound procedure of technique, client experience, structure execution programming und promoting to frame a fruitful online business existence. Each part of your site is assembled explicitly for your reliable objectives we accept this administration is the most significant in making a powerful computerized resource with a profoundly positive ROI.

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